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In Remembrance of Kevlar


This page is dedicated to our boy Kevlar who was lost too soon

March 5, 2019 - February 10, 2022

The loss of Kevlar was a total shock and an extreme heart break for not only us but for everyone who so loved this handsome guy.

Kevlar was born March 5th 2019, we were there for the birth,  I crimped his umbilical cord while the vet cut it, I stimulated him to take his very first breath out of the womb from that day on we loved him dearly. To say he was just a dog is an extreme understatement that boy had the heart of gold and he was just like our own child, he wasn't just a dog he was a part of our family.

After the passing of Kevlar, I have the thought that we do not deserve them, they are so pure, love with all they have, so forgiving and trusting. If only we had people with the heart of a dog the world could be such a better place.

Kev had the best personality, always loving, always happy, always itching for attention. Never had one ounce of a mean bone in his body. If I had it my way every single one of our furkids would have all the qualities Kev had.

He loved to play, chase balls around the yard, he was guardian and the protector of the young pups we had. Even though he was a good 60lbs he was a lap dog and there was nothing you could do about it. He loved without cause, he loved despite anything and everything and most of all he loved us.

The memories of him will always stay within us, had I known February 10th 2022 would of been his last day with us on this earth I would have done more. You will always have the what if's, I should of done this or I should have done that it just weighs in on you. 

Kevlar was truly one of the best you will ever find out there.


Until we meet again my sweet boy you will be missed severely. 

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