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In Remembrance of Buckshot


This page is dedicated to our boy Buckshot who was lost all too soon

July 11, 2022 - January 8, 2023

Dogs no matter the time they are with you take a place in your heart from day 1, Buckshot was just shy of turning 6 months old when he passed unexpected. Our family and friends who knew him are severely heartbroken over the loss of him. He wasn't just a dog, he was family as is all of crew. 

This guy was always happy, loved everyone that came into our home and everyone loved him.

Buckshot came all the way to us from the United Kingdom which meant his time schedule was way different than ours, he would sleep all day and play all night when it was time for bed until sunrise. In the mornings we would find him laying on his dog couch all sprawled out and snoring, when we would wake him up to go potty outside he would be annoyed but still happy to see us and start his day. 

Feeding time was his absolute favorite part of the day, he'd hear the food rattle in the bowl and he came running.

He had two bestfriends Riot and Convict. They would play fight, run around, fight over toys and sleep together. Buck would sometimes lay on the floor tired from playing but still barking at them wanting more. 

In the evenings when I would get home from work, He would see me and just light up, he'd come to greet me at the door happy as ever and ready for some love. When you sit down he just crawl into your lap, roll over and want you to rub his belly. 

Buckshot was truly a one in the kind pup, each dog has they own personalities and he had one of the best I've ever gotten the chance to know. 

He will always be remembered and missed dearly,

Until we meet again Buckshot fly high and may you Rest in Peace my sweet boy

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